The State Auditor is responsible for every account, every receipt, and every payment of the state.  As a CPA and experienced auditor, Kristi has the technical skills and expertise to track and safeguard the state’s financial assets.  The Auditor is also charged with operating the state’s financial systems and producing the state’s financial reports.  These duties, without question, demand a keen understanding of accounting principles, financial processes, and internal controls.  

As the current CFO of Wyoming’s judicial branch, Kristi prepares and manages an $80 million statewide budget that impacts every county.  Kristi interacts on a daily basis with the Auditor’s Office and the systems they run, which gives her an inside understanding of the challenges and opportunities our next auditor will face.  

Prior to her position with the Judiciary, Kristi worked as an auditor with the CPA firm of McGee, Hearne, & Paiz.  Performing in-depth reviews of small businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities gave her a sharp eye and better understanding of how industry and government function in Wyoming.  Specifically, working on the audits of the State of Wyoming, the University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Business Council have provided invaluable experience that prepare her for this office.


The State Auditor is the cornerstone of financial reporting for the state.  Our citizens and lawmakers must have accurate, timely, and reliable financial information in order to make good decisions and hold government accountable.  Kristi’s understanding of the state’s financial systems and data put her in a prime position to follow through on this issue.  She will provide the transparency Wyoming’s citizens expect and deserve.


The State Auditor oversees programs that impact every other state agency, and therefore is in the best position to identify and improve inefficient practices.  Our state is in the midst of a critical financial challenge. More than ever, Wyoming must spend within its means. During this time of reduced revenue, every dollar must be scrutinized and stretched in order to maintain critical services to Wyoming citizens.  Kristi’s understanding of state business processes means she is well prepared to streamline inefficiencies to save time and money.


The State Auditor is the state’s chief accountant and a member of Wyoming’s most critical boards and commissions.  Kristi will always put Wyoming’s future first.  She will work tirelessly to protect our resources while promoting efficiency and transparency.  This means consistently exercising sound fiscal judgment to invest in our communities and protect our natural resources and public lands.  Above all, Kristi is committed to giving her children – and all of our children – the desire and opportunity to remain in this wonderful state we are so lucky to call home.