April 20, 2018


Racines Announces for Auditor

4th Generation Republican, Native Wyomingite

Rock Solid Fiscal Conservative

CFO, CPA, Experienced Auditor, Avid Sportsman

 Wyoming – Fiscal conservative CFO, avid sportsman, skilled auditor and 4th generation Wyoming native Kristi Racines will announce before the State Republican Party Convention this Saturday that she is a candidate for Wyoming State Auditor.


With a “backbone of steel” and demonstrated conservative values for fiscal accountability and responsibility, Racines said she is the right person for an important statewide job that shouldn’t be overlooked.

“For Wyoming’s soundest fiscal health…I will do the job, day in, day out.  Period. I have the skills, I have the conservative values and I believe that this office is important to this Republican Party and important to the responsible people of Wyoming.  We walk our talk of fiscal accountability daily, with every step. We scrutinize every line item, every entry, every dollar,” Racines said.

“Why do I want this job?….because I actually want to do the work, I will meet the high standards of Wyoming people because it is what I do now,” she added.

A licensed Certified Public Accountant and experienced auditor, Racines is the CFO for the Wyoming Supreme Court Office of Court Administration, and is also the Director of Human Resources.  “Holding two titles and responsibly managing millions for the public with accountability and prudent conservatism is well within my wheelhouse,” adding, “I’m a workhorse and a highly thorough fiscal professional.”

“To Wyoming people, who want electeds to Do Their Job…I want you to know…I get it…and will do my job.  For you. For Wyoming. Conservatively. Thoroughly. With excellence. Every entry, every line item, everyday.  For the people of Wyoming. As a Republican, I’m a rock solid fiscal conservative and an eagle-eyed accountant, focused and methodical.  I get it, and I will protect our beloved state.”


“I am running because I believe in conservative, cost effective government.  I will faithfully uphold the sound and clear fiscally conservative values of Wyoming taxpayers.”




My Wyoming roots run deep.  I am a 4th generation native, born in Casper and raised in Bar Nunn, Evanston, and Riverton.  Wyoming has given my family so much, and my husband and I wouldn’t raise our two children anywhere else.  We are active and avid sportsmen – hunting, fishing, and generally enjoying the state’s natural wonders. I hold degrees from the University of Wyoming in accounting and Spanish in addition to being licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.  In private practice, I performed audits of Wyoming businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities. For the past 8 years, I have worked in the Wyoming Supreme Court Office of Court Administration where I currently serve as the Chief Fiscal Officer and Director of Human Resources.  I prepare and manage a statewide budget of approximately 80 million dollars. Using these experiences, I will make prudent and conservative decisions to ensure fiscal accountability and the security of the State’s funds. On the State Loan and Investment Board and the State Building Commission, I will bring a conservative, cost-focused perspective that protects our financial resources and our public lands.

For further information on Kristi Racines for State Auditor, please email vote@kristiracines.com or find us at our website, Facebook and Instagram.







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